We are makers

We are makers, same as you. We build awesomeness for you.

Co-founder, Lee( Lee's Facebook ) is a maker. He made kites and lots of toys when he was a child. In college time, Lee learned mechanical design and production process, made various model planes and UAVs. After graduated, he worked at a hardware design and manufacturing company. Lee learned a lot of things from work about mechanical designing and production process(i.e., machining, lathing, milling, etc.). In 2014, he began to learn and build 3d printers, and he thinks 3d print will change the world.

Co-founder, Andy( Andy's Facebook , Andy's Github ) is a maker from childhood; he tears down everything and reassembles them again. And he was interested in every moving thing. Andy built tons of small “inventions” from woods, recycled things. After graduated from college school studied Electrical Engineering, he started to develop electronic devices and programming. In 2009 Andy first encountered 3D printing, and from 2009 to 2013 he designs electronic devices and learns website programming(i.e., ruby on rails, HTML, javascript). In 2013 he wanted to build his 3d printer. By 2015, he already created several printers and controller boards for printers and learned lots of 3d printer knowledge.

Andy and Lee all want to build great things for the world. In 2015, they sat together and started to make a great tool for all makers. After years research and development, testing and improving, they finally create one.

We love technologies

Nowadays, technologies are part of everyone’s life. Especially, in Mammoth Innovations. We use technologies to build technologies that will make everyone’s life better.

We use CAD to design mechanical components and PCBs(printed circuit board), we use the 3d printer(we built our self), CNCs, laser cutter to make prototypes.

Technology plays a significant role in our lives and work. We want to build technology that will help others lives and work too.

Change the world

We’re all innovative guys; we like to build things that valuable. We’re crazy ones that want to make a better world.


Everyone should be a maker

We’re living in a science and technology blooming era; there are so many scientific and technical things around us. They are great, but maybe not perfect or not the best solution to do that. You will find not everything is great; you should do something about it, improve it, change it, and you should.

Everyone is a maker

Everyone has his/her gifts, writing a song or an article, drawing art, designing something, building something, and so on. Everyone is a maker, creating some things didn’t exist before.