Another day on the factory and thoughts on design for manufacturing DP log 2016-5-13

Posted by Andy on May 13, 2016 Tags: development mechanical design for manufacturing

Today we've been the factory again. The workers still working on the part of the frame. This part is hard to manufacture; they need to machine the side first, and to machine the other side later. When they flip the part, the worker must know the orientation of the part and the offset of the two placements.

Here is the part on the CNC table.

Thoughts on Product Design

As you can see, manufacturing is tough in some circumstances, especially when the designer isn't familiar with manufacturing. 

Design for Manufacturing is critical, earlier apply these thinking will make the product design process more efficiently.

So knowing how things are manufactured is essential to a designer. We will talk about different manufacturing processes in the future posts. Hope you can learn something when you build a hardware product.