Assemble the frame excited DP log 2016-5-14

Posted by Andy on May 14, 2016 Tags: development prototyping mechanical

Finally, all the frame parts are done today. We are so excited and assemble the frame altogether, and seems all the pieces fit quite good. But small errors happen, like the top frame part's bolt hole is not right for the first time, so we must redrill the hole. It's not a big problem, but must be terminated in the future mass production.

We've put the body case on the frame. That's not perfect, but ok for the first prototype. Here are the photos.

If you think that's all the frame and case part, you are wrong. We have another part in our small office. So we come back to the office. And put them together. Below is the photo, looks good, right? That's not the final prototype; we're going to make a better one.