The first body case DP log 2016-5-5

Posted by Andy on May 05, 2016 Tags: development prototyping

In the past serval months, we've worked hard and developed our new product ( Sophia 3d printer) . These days we are going to build the prototype, and see if the design is working or not.

Shenzhen is a great place to prototype; there are lots of factories and workshops. And we already have some very familiar friends to cooperate. 

This article is the very first post about development and prototype. I would like talk about the body case of our product.

We're planning to use aluminum as our product's case. So we asked our friends to build a visual case( not applied in the real product), we can determine whether the outlook is good and know the actual scale of the product.

The above photo is the first prototype of our case. It's not very beautiful but can give us a sense of what size of our product is. I call this prototype P001. We don't like this one, so we decide to make a new one and to try to build a real one that can be used in our first prototype machine.