Beautifull design. Beauty and style through engineering.

Ivi 3d printer

IVI is simple. Simple and clean design.

Put IVI anywhere in your house without ruining your interior design.

Ivi 3d printer

Efficiency. Customized powerful and efficient heater.

Heat up in 30 seconds, start your print almost instantly, no need to wait a few minutes to start.

Ivi 3d printer hotend

Transparency. Ivi is enclosed, but visible anywhere.

The 360-degree transparent design makes you can watch the printing process anywhere.

Ivi 3d printer

Extruder. High torque extruder.

The 3:1 reduction gear extruder gets more torque.

Ivi 3d printer extruder

Easy to use. Use IVI on any devices.

You can control IVI with your phones or tablets seamlessly. Even a child can do that.

iPhone control Ivi 3d printer

IVI is safe. IVI keeps the danger away from you.

The automatic door closes when IVI is working. You don't need to worry about burning yourself, your children or your pets.

Ivi 3d printer automatic door

Platform. Most durable print platform.

The carbon fiber platform is flexible, you can remove the print easily by bending it. And also it is more durable than glass and aluminum.

Ivi 3d printer platform