Toolhead is changable. Build different models with different nozzles.

Use big nozzles to build huge models quickly.

Ivi 3d printed big model Nefertiti

You can build vivid dual color models with dual extrusion head.

Ivi 3d printed dual-color model

Ivi supports SLA printing. Remove the limitations of the FDM technology.

By adding minimum components, you can turn IVI into an SLA printer. Build high precision models that FDM printers can't.

Ivi 3d printed SLA model

Ivi supports laser engraving. Modular toolhead design. Build more possibilities.

Engrave or cut creative designs with laser Head.

Ivi 3d printed laser model

Cut or engrave wood, plastics, even chocolate with the CNC head.

Ivi 3d printed cnc engraved model

You can even make your own toolhead to build more possibilities.

Ivi 3d printed models